“ Harlequin has a true star with Stephanie Tyler. Risking It All is everything you want in a romance, let alone a book. Cash and Rina have a scorching hot affair and those intimate scenes are some of the best I have read in quite awhile. There are no evil villains or a murder mystery to take up the pages, which is nice for a change. What we have is an incredible story about two people who live for their work. Tyler gives her readers incredible insight on what being a SEAL is like and can do to family and friends when their loved ones go on missions that may not bring them back alive. Along with Cash and Rina, there are an amazing set of characters that liven up Risking It All. Even though this is a category romance, it is just as well written as any mainstream fictional romance you will find. I was floored and couldn’t take my eyes away from reading. Risking It All is a total Recommended Read all the way! ”