Sort of, kind of one of the titles. Ish. How’s that for an answer? Not what you were looking for? Okay, here goes.

I’ve been obsessed with the title, Hard To Hold, for quite a while now. I think I titled two manuscripts that will never see the light of day that. In fact, when Sydney wrote her first proposal, Unleashing The Storm was actually calledHard To Hold. Of course, once it was written in the contract like that, no one ever referred to the book like that again and we came up with Unleashing The Beast very quickly (and Beast was quickly vetoed and replaced with Storm.) But I digress.

So when I sold the SEAL series, Book 1 was Harder To Breathe (because I love that song), book two was Hard to Handle and Book 3 was Hard To Hold. And then my editor, Shauna Summers said that Harder To Breathe made her think of an asthma attack and well, yes, she’s right and so we went round and round trying on titles. Most of the ones I came up with were too suspensey and not enough of the romance angle. And then Shauna called and said, Nita Taublib (exec VP at Bantam) suggested these: Hard To HoldToo Hot To Hold and Hold On Tight. And I loved them. And finally, I get to use, Hard To Hold as a real title.