Shelter Me Release Day!!!

Hey everyone

— it’s a busy day over here. First of all, welcome to my new home, care of Frauke at! It’s still a work in progress but when I told Frauke my deadline and wanting to have the new site up for Shelter Me’s release, she was on it with her usual, “no problem,” attitude. Give it a little time and it’ll all be up and running perfectly.

Shelter MeBut seriously, can we talk about the cover for Shelter Me? Gorgeous, and also Frauke’s creation (as are all my self-pubbed covers). And special thanks to Julia at for her detailed and patient editing.

Anyway, I’m really excited to tell you about Shelter Me. It’s a book I’ve been working on for a long, LONG time. I wrote a lot of it, then put it aside, then wrote more and put it aside, because of other commitments. Because I wasn’t sure where the story was going.

But suddenly, I knew where it was going, knew it was time to share the first book in the Shelter Trilogy with all of you. Today, it’s available in eBook format everywhere (Amazon, Smashwords, etc.) and in print on Amazon. Please check out the book page, where there’s a excerpt from Chapter One and all the order links.

Check out the blurb below:


A Shelter Novel (Book 1)

Shelter MeThere are ghosts in my past—ghosts I can’t recognize.

My painting heals me, but Lucas Caine has made me come alive. My past could take both those things away forever. What started out as an undeniable need to create was quickly turning into danger as my longing for memories fed the rough canvases I filled.

Falling for Lucas will force me to revisit my lost memories—and possibly lose myself, my art, and him in the process. And now he has me skating the thin edge between desire and fear as I use a past I don’t remember to leverage a future I’m not sure I want.

I’ve been hearing amazing compliments from my early reader/reviewers, so I’m thrilled. I truly hope you love Ryn and Lucas as much as I do!