Too Hot to Hold Sneak Peek #2

Middle of September?  Seriously?  *blows dust off blog*

Anyway, a new sneak peek from TOO HOT TO HOLD (aka Nick’s book) has just been posted!  

Also, I’ve just been told that the release date has shifted a week, so instead of being available December 29th, it’ll be pubbed on January 5, 2010.  So really, much easier than trying to ship out over New Years. 🙂  If you pre-ordered it from Amazon, you’ll have to go in and approve the order again since the date did change.

So far, the official release date for HOLD ON TIGHT (aka Chris’s book) has remained January 26, 2010, but that could shift. If it doesn’t, well, then you get books 2 and 3 very close together, which is nice.

For now, I’m busy working on book 5 – Zane’s book which still has no title, but hey, the proposal was accepted by my editor, so that’s cool.  And I’m editing Sydney’s next, Tempting The Fire, which has an August 2010 release date last time I looked. And then Larissa and I dive right into writing Stryker’s book (book 6)…so this fall will be busy.

Again, mid-September?  Really?

Oh, and this post from author Saundra Mitchell cracked me up.  This paragraph, especially, on what happens when your first book is finally published:

…your grandmother is in tears because she didn’t see it at Wal-Mart. Not that she was going to buy it- everybody even remotely, genetically connected to you expects you to give them a copy- you’d think they’d take pity on you because of your non-Twilight advance and buy one. Or two. Come on, people, some pity- I didn’t send my book to Oprah, I’m doomed!

See, and most of my family doesn’t plan on buying it, but they don’t want copies from me either…(don’t worry – for some reason this just makes me laugh…)  But, of course, that means you’ll all have to make up for the non-familial buying and grab yourselves some extra copies…what?

Hard to Hold – Sneak Peek #2

Okay, so you’ve got the Hard to Hold long excerpt (basically all of Chapter 1 except for a few first paragraphs that were actually excerpted in the back of Hot Nights, Dark Desires.  And then I gave you a sneak peek in early July that dealt with the three brothers.  And because they’re so much fun, I’m bringing them back again for a command performance.

And yes, this book does have a heroine – she and Jake spend a lot of time together.    But, you know, the brother thing…

Sneak Peek from HARD TO HOLD:

“Does Cal know Isabelle’s moved in here – with you?” Chris asked when Jake walked into the kitchen, still half in a daze.

“She’s moved in here with us. And yeah, Cal knows.”  Jake drank the last of the orange juice directly from the bottle and forced himself to act as normal as possible.  Because when you lived with two human radars like his brothers, you pretty much couldn’t get away with having any secrets.

“I like her,” Chris stated emphatically, then glanced at Jake.  “Not like that.”

“Good,” Jake muttered.

“Good because you like her?”

“Because she’s Cal’s goddaughter.”

“Yeah, all right.  We’ll go with that explanation for now,” Chris drawled.  Jake looked for something to throw at Chris’s head while the man continued, “Still doesn’t really explain why she’s here, though.”

“She needed a place to stay.”

“You don’t usually move in women you like after one date.”

“We didn’t have any dates.”

“I can’t think of a woman he’s liked enough to spend more than a few hours with in recent months.  Years, even,” Nick said.  He’d come into the kitchen and poured and drank a glass of milk with his ulcer medication as Jake and Chris stared on. “What?”

“You’re drinking milk instead of coffee,” Chris said.

“You’re actually taking your ulcer medication,” Jake said.

“Yeah, your girlfriend’s bossy,” Nick mumbled.

“She’s not…forget it.”  Jake knew it was stupid to argue and give them any more fodder, a fact he remembered both in real life and military situations, and one that got blown away when he was around his brothers.

“The admiral gave us the whole, be nice to Isabelle, speech yesterday,” Nick said. “I guess that’s the one he gave to you too.”

Jake nodded.

“I don’t think he meant you had to move her in,” Nick continued.

Jake played with the empty orange juice bottle.

“Are we going to talk about this?” Nick asked.

“No,” Jake said, and usually, that would end it.  A maybe was code for, I’ll let you pull it out of me, but a no meant Nick would shut his mouth until – if ever – Jake decided to talk.

But yeah, what the fuck was he doing?  This bodyguard-hero- all-encompassing savior bullshit was grating on every last nerve he had.  A lot of people saw him like that, sure.  He didn’t want Isabelle to.

He’d voiced his concerns to Cal again last night about how his brothers were going to get suspicious quickly, which was why the Admiral had casually mentioned to Chris and Nick that he’d be doing them a big favor too if they’d keep an eye out for Isabelle.

Jake had been voicing his concerns to himself ever since he’d encouraged her to take off her clothes.

Out of control.

Bantam/Ballantine New Book Giveaway at Dear Author

Could the title of the post be any longer?  Maybe…  

Anyway, head over to Dear Author and comment for a chance to win some of Bantam and Ballantine’s upcoming releases!  My editor, Shauna Summers, gives you the lowdown on each book to help you choose.  And yes, I’m excited because HARD TO HOLD is up there 🙂  Very cool  – it’s getting close to release day!

But it makes me so proud to be among such good company at Random House!  And speaking of, I have a title for book 4, LIE WITH ME.  It’s perfect for Cam’s book.

In other news, a daddy longlegs tried to kill me last night in my bathroom while I was washing my face.  I’m so serious…it was like, ninja longlegs.  I know there are more lurking, waiting for revenge.  *shudders*

Hold on Tight Sneak Peek!

So now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek at TOO HOT TO HOLD, it’s time for one from HOLD ON TIGHT. This is Chris’s book and in the sneak peek, you’ll meet  our heroine, Jamie.  She and Chris have a nice subplot in Nick’s book (Too Hot) and they meet up again in  HOLD ON TIGHT when Jamie is forced to launch an investigation against Chris.

I’m excited because I finished the galleys / page proofs for HOLD ON TIGHT and sent them on their merry express mail way yesterday.  That means the trilogy is finally almost put to bed.  Amazing how long it actually takes to finish a book in its entirety.

My editor and I are currently on the great title search for books 4 & 5.  Since they’re connected and they might be out close together, we need titles that go together but not necessarily match.  And it’s hard to find the right ones that actually mean something to the book, that aren’t too close to anything that’s been used recently by others and something that conveys that the books are more on the romance side of romantic suspense.

We have until Friday.  I’ve also got revisions and the proposal for the yet untitled book 5.  Stayed up until 2AM writing on it – so much fun.  Nothing is better than those first three chapters.  Everything’s shiny and pretty and new – any plot holes can be easily fixed without ruining an entire book.

Now, to drag myself back to the revisions.  Definitely not as pretty and shiny, but getting there.  The last 40 pages.  Plus the subplot in book 4 becomes the plot for new characters in book 5, so everything hinges on everything else.  Like a giant puzzle.

I swore my next books after the trilogy would be stand-alones.  I suck at keeping promises to myself.

Too Hot to Hold – 1st Sneak Peek!

At the beginning of the month, you got an exclusive sneak peek from Hard to Hold here.

Now, let me point you in the direction of a brand new sneak peek for Book 2 in the SEAL trilogy, Too Hot to Hold. You’ll meet Kaylee, the heroine, thinking on her first meeting with Nick, our SEAL hero.

To recap, Hard to Hold releases November 24th, 2009, Too Hot to Hold releases December 29th, 2009 and Hold on Tight releases January 26th, 2010 -and I do believe you’ll get a sneak peek from Chris’s book soon!

Check back for more sneak peeks from the trilogy – I think we’re running them about every three weeks until the first release from this point forward, which is exciting.

I’m currently listening to the Black Hawk Down soundtrack (excellent music for the proposal I’m working on) while taking a short break from Sydney revisions and Cam revisions (the next book after Hold on Tight.) They’re both due August 1st.  And I will need A LOT of coffee over the coming days.  And Diet Coke.  And cookies…and…well, you get the idea.