Hard to Hold – Sneak Peek #2

Okay, so you’ve got the Hard to Hold long excerpt (basically all of Chapter 1 except for a few first paragraphs that were actually excerpted in the back of Hot Nights, Dark Desires.  And then I gave you a sneak peek in early July that dealt with the three brothers.  And because they’re so much fun, I’m bringing them back again for a command performance.

And yes, this book does have a heroine – she and Jake spend a lot of time together.    But, you know, the brother thing…

Sneak Peek from HARD TO HOLD:

“Does Cal know Isabelle’s moved in here – with you?” Chris asked when Jake walked into the kitchen, still half in a daze.

“She’s moved in here with us. And yeah, Cal knows.”  Jake drank the last of the orange juice directly from the bottle and forced himself to act as normal as possible.  Because when you lived with two human radars like his brothers, you pretty much couldn’t get away with having any secrets.

“I like her,” Chris stated emphatically, then glanced at Jake.  “Not like that.”

“Good,” Jake muttered.

“Good because you like her?”

“Because she’s Cal’s goddaughter.”

“Yeah, all right.  We’ll go with that explanation for now,” Chris drawled.  Jake looked for something to throw at Chris’s head while the man continued, “Still doesn’t really explain why she’s here, though.”

“She needed a place to stay.”

“You don’t usually move in women you like after one date.”

“We didn’t have any dates.”

“I can’t think of a woman he’s liked enough to spend more than a few hours with in recent months.  Years, even,” Nick said.  He’d come into the kitchen and poured and drank a glass of milk with his ulcer medication as Jake and Chris stared on. “What?”

“You’re drinking milk instead of coffee,” Chris said.

“You’re actually taking your ulcer medication,” Jake said.

“Yeah, your girlfriend’s bossy,” Nick mumbled.

“She’s not…forget it.”  Jake knew it was stupid to argue and give them any more fodder, a fact he remembered both in real life and military situations, and one that got blown away when he was around his brothers.

“The admiral gave us the whole, be nice to Isabelle, speech yesterday,” Nick said. “I guess that’s the one he gave to you too.”

Jake nodded.

“I don’t think he meant you had to move her in,” Nick continued.

Jake played with the empty orange juice bottle.

“Are we going to talk about this?” Nick asked.

“No,” Jake said, and usually, that would end it.  A maybe was code for, I’ll let you pull it out of me, but a no meant Nick would shut his mouth until – if ever – Jake decided to talk.

But yeah, what the fuck was he doing?  This bodyguard-hero- all-encompassing savior bullshit was grating on every last nerve he had.  A lot of people saw him like that, sure.  He didn’t want Isabelle to.

He’d voiced his concerns to Cal again last night about how his brothers were going to get suspicious quickly, which was why the Admiral had casually mentioned to Chris and Nick that he’d be doing them a big favor too if they’d keep an eye out for Isabelle.

Jake had been voicing his concerns to himself ever since he’d encouraged her to take off her clothes.

Out of control.