Hold on Tight Sneak Peek!

So now that you’ve gotten a sneak peek at TOO HOT TO HOLD, it’s time for one from HOLD ON TIGHT. This is Chris’s book and in the sneak peek, you’ll meet  our heroine, Jamie.  She and Chris have a nice subplot in Nick’s book (Too Hot) and they meet up again in  HOLD ON TIGHT when Jamie is forced to launch an investigation against Chris.

I’m excited because I finished the galleys / page proofs for HOLD ON TIGHT and sent them on their merry express mail way yesterday.  That means the trilogy is finally almost put to bed.  Amazing how long it actually takes to finish a book in its entirety.

My editor and I are currently on the great title search for books 4 & 5.  Since they’re connected and they might be out close together, we need titles that go together but not necessarily match.  And it’s hard to find the right ones that actually mean something to the book, that aren’t too close to anything that’s been used recently by others and something that conveys that the books are more on the romance side of romantic suspense.

We have until Friday.  I’ve also got revisions and the proposal for the yet untitled book 5.  Stayed up until 2AM writing on it – so much fun.  Nothing is better than those first three chapters.  Everything’s shiny and pretty and new – any plot holes can be easily fixed without ruining an entire book.

Now, to drag myself back to the revisions.  Definitely not as pretty and shiny, but getting there.  The last 40 pages.  Plus the subplot in book 4 becomes the plot for new characters in book 5, so everything hinges on everything else.  Like a giant puzzle.

I swore my next books after the trilogy would be stand-alones.  I suck at keeping promises to myself.