Chat tonight and TV talk

Before I forget, there’s a Writeminded Chat tonight at Writerspace – 9PM EST.

Onward – am I the only one watching Daisy of Love?  Or am the only one who will admit it?  I tell myself that watching it on Sunday morning rather than Sunday night is better – and somehow, that justifies it for me.  Because it’s honestly the worst show ever.  But, you know, trainwreck = gawking.

I’m also watching Real Housewives of New Jersey, even though I wasn’t planning on it.  Not as good as NY – and I believe Atlanta’s coming back on soon.

I wonder if watching too much reality TV can fry your brain for real?  Granted, I balance it out with Army Wives and Burn Notice, but maybe that’s not enough?

Okay, back to copy edits and galleys and OMG, will the trilogy needs to come out like, right now, so I can stop fussing with it and checking dates and making sure everything works.

Book due

Writeminded post on Gus and his new friends is here.  Writeminded Chat on Writerspace is tonight at 9PM EST.

And yeah, the book is due, as the title of the post says.  In two weeks.  And galleys for Jake’s book are coming at the end of this week.  And Larissa and I have a Sydney short story to write.

Did I mention the book due in 2 weeks?  Because it’s not finished.  It’s almost like it doesn’t want to write itself, which is really not such a great thing.  And for every 1K I write, I swear I need to delete more than that.  And new characters keep showing up – some random hero and heroine that are not supposed to arrive for at least another book, if not two.

But there they are, demanding their stage time.  Staring at me with their beady little character eyes.  We’ll give you the word count you need, Steph.  Put us in the book…