How would you react?

Zoo and I watched Taken, with Liam Neeson this weekend, and all I have to say is, dude, I’d like the man on my side.  It was so awesome watching his one man army routine, his focus only on finding his daughter.  I’d like to think that kind of pure adreneline is possible – in real life and character life – when something big is at stake.  I’ve read that you don’t know what you’re capable of until you’re pushed and it always bothers me when I read a review of anything that says, that wouldn’t / couldn’t happen in real life.  

I wrote about this a while back for RTB and I still believe in what I wrote – you don’t know how you’re going to react in any situation until you are actually in that situation.  And God willing, most of us will not be involved in shoot-outs that require rescuing from a Navy SEAL. Disappointing on many levels, I know.  

Of course, then I ruined my viewing experience by watching Daisy of Love, something I swore I wouldn’t do.  And then, once I started watching, it was trainwreck, can’t look away, city.  Because the men are dropping out faster than I can blink – they are choosing to leave.  No one wants to win Daisy as their prize, which bodes well for the men and their intelligence. 

But Burn Notice starts again soon!  Love that show.  Rescue Me? Not so much anymore.

Okay, well, book due Monday.  Sydney short story due Monday.  Jake galleys due next week (that’s the FINAL stage before it becomes the real book!) So yeah, probably should be like, working.  Coffee’s on – it’s going to be a long couple of days…pray for me.

Christmas? Really?

No lights up yet, nor a tree. Presents for me have been bought – a to Steph from Steph kind of thing (it’s all Larissa’s fault, btw), but other than that, nothing. I’m not a grinch this year because I think, more than ever, celebrating’s important. This is more about December arriving and me not noticing – time is just flying. I’ve got to get on the shoppping thing.

Can I just say, Christina and Army Doc on Grey’s – best couple ever. Seriously – the way he looks at her…am I right? How can you not love them as a couple?

But the Izzy storyline? I don’t care if it’s going to turn out she’s got some brain issue – it’s creepy and annoying and she’s got way too much screen time.

Have you checked out the auction page for Jo Leigh lately? There are lots of great gifts on there for both readers and writers! Larrisa and I have donated a critique together, and there’s still time to bid on it – go check it out.

Still working on Tempting The Fire (Sydney Book 5). I also have to read the galleys for Syd book 4, Taming The Fire and get those back to Bantam ASAP.

My agent loved my new proposal (Cam’s book – a romantic suspense), which is always awesome to hear, so now it’s in the hands of my editor. Another item checked off the list, which is lovely at this time of year. And I’ve even got most of another proposal done, which would be the second book in the loosely tied trilogy I’ve got planned. So yeah, good stuff.

The new website’s really coming along – you guys should see it sometime in January or so. I’ve got to write a longer biography and do some other things to get the content in shape, but I’m excited about it. I’ll send out a newsletter about it soon. I’m long overdue for a newsletter.

And I’m really looking forward to the movie, Flirting With Forty – it premiere’s tonight on Lifetime. I adored the book by Jane Porter!

Steph T.


are some of the only TV shows I watch all on tonight at 10PM? The Unit (YAY because I so thought it was gone for good!), Brothers & Sisters AND Army Wives (although I think there’s not a new AW until next week). Seriously, can they not spread this out? Good thing I’ve got the DVR, but I hate knowing I’m missing something…

Larissa and I are just about done with Sydney book 5’s proposal – we’re tentitively calling it Tempting The Fire but that could easily change. I’m 3/4 of the way through my Chris (Hold On Tight) revisions and I’m working on 2 different proposals for the new trilogy. So things are busy…once I get the revisions off my plate, it’ll be all new writing, for Syd and for me, so that’s always fun!

Have been up since 4AM with the kid – the large Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee has not worked yet. Nor has the Diet Coke or the regular coffee, proving to me once again that caffeine doesn’t do anything for me. And I barely drink it anymore.

Maybe I’ll go nap now…

Steph T.

Grey’s Anatomy

Did you watch it last night? See what happens when you add a military man? Everything is automatically better.


Okay, back to writing. It’s a perfect day for it – rainy and dreary and I’m huddling inside all day. Might even make some hot chocolate.

Steph T.

Rock of Love…or, my eyes bled but I couldn’t stop watching…

Okay, who watched the horror show last night? Come on, fess up – I know there are more of you out there then just me and Angie-la and Jill.

Frenchie woman stripping was just so frightening that I could only watch from between my fingers and even that didn’t provide enough coverage. And I love the excuse Brett gave for letting her go at the eliminations, which makes me realize that I know way too many random rock star facts and if there was ever a show called useless random rock star facts, you would totally want me on your team. Like, I know that Brett Michaels dated a stripper who broke his heart and the song, Every Rose Has Its Thorn is totally about her and that’s what he was referencing. Although I have serious doubts that scary Frenchie woman brought out that same kind of feeling.

Or like, did you know that Aerosmith’s, Dude (Looks like a Lady) was written about Vince Neil, or that Money For Nothing was written about Motely Crue because Dire Straits disliked the band?

So yes, pick me if that show ever happens.

Anyway, the kid and I are still feeling slightly crappy, but better than we were over the weekend. I’ve got to motor on Nick’s book, since I know this weekend will be a total bust because of the Gus pick-up and superbowl (we’re having people over – not that I actually watch the game or anything – I just stay for the food 🙂

Oh, and head over to Larissa’s to read the awesome review JERR gave Sydney’s Riding The Storm!!!!

Steph T.

TV trainwrecks

Anyone watching the hot mess (new favorite phrase) that is the 2nd season of Rock of Love? OMG, I can’t believe how freakin’ bad it is…and yet, I cannot stop watching it. Like, there are times I catch myself watching from behind my hands because I just cannot believe the horror of the whole thing.

And Celebrity Apprentice? Again, can’t stop watching even though it is terrible…and now that Gene Simmons is gone, it won’t be half as much fun. The women are too reserved. Not that I don’t like that they’re classy and grown up, but I’d like to see them be a bit tougher, if that makes sense.

AI is just meh so far – some funny moments (loved the brother and sister team last night, the guy who wore the tie wrapped around his head.) But overall, I’m kind of over it.

Okay, must go write and deal with child, who has a bad cold. And pray that I won’t catch said bad cold.

Steph T.