Publishers Weekly Review :)

My editor just forwarded me this awesome review of LIE WITH ME from Publishers Weekly!

Lie with Me

Stephanie Tyler, Dell, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-440-24596-4

Crafty plot twists and cleverly intertwined relationships dominate book one of master storyteller Tyler’s Shadow Force series. Black ops specialist Cameron Moore desperately wants to get away from his handler and one-time rescuer, Gabriel Creighton. He decides to kidnap Creighton’s daughter and threaten her until Creighton releases Cam from his debt. With his best friend Dylan Scott at his side, the plan can’t fail… until Cam falls in love with Creighton’s beautiful, smart, and vulnerable daughter, famous thriller author Skylar Slavin. When Sky becomes the target of hired thugs out to kidnap her for their own evil purposes, Cam’s mission does a 180. The fun, thrills, and romance never let up, and Tyler (Hard to Hold) delivers on all her promises. (Nov.)

The October 26th release is coming up fast!

We just got back from vacation in OBX – the hurricanes stayed away, so that was good.  Of course, I’m still behind on life…revisions going in tomorrow for IN THE AIR TONIGHT and then a new proposal goes in behind that one.  If I owe you an email, please know that I’m getting there.  Slowly.  Very, very slowly…it’s amazing how babies don’t understand the phrase, but I need to write…

Good thing the baby boy’s cute.

How’s everyone?  Surviving back to school time / fall / life in general?


We spent part of last week in Pittsburgh for the kid’s (planned) spinal surgery –  and she’s doing wel.l (I can’t say that too much or the karma gods come down and wreak havoc so…) We’re just happy to be home and that our trees are back. GusBananas

Tiny, tiny trees compared to what we had.  *sobs*  I need them to grow like 3 feet overnight because let me tell you – seeing my neighbor these last weeks has MORE than made up for the 10 years he was hidden behind trees.  So yes, I talk to them a lot and tell them that’s what they need to do.  I hope they listen better than Gus.  Because Gus seems to act like that’s not his name.  He must think, Man, that Gus must be a real pain in the ass because she’s always calling his name…

Anyway, Zane’s book revisions are done and Cam’s galleys are done (that’s pretty much my last step before it becomes a real book, so that’s good) – now I dive back into Mace’s book (I’m tentatively calling it In The Air Tonight but I don’t know if that will stick.)  But I’m really loving it – I’ve been waiting a couple of years to write it and it’s all new and fun and shiny.

Which means, give me a few weeks and I’ll start whining for sure.

What’s up with everyone?  Enjoying the weather?  Any good news / fun news?

Monday things

Okay, revisions for PROMISES IN THE DARK went in about an hour ago! (big sigh of relief, even though I’m sure I have a bit more to do, but that’s okay – now I just pray my editor likes what I’ve done.)

Speaking of, I don’t have covers yet, but I have cover blurbs for both LIE WITH ME and PROMISES IN THE DARK, so check them out and let me know what you think!  I’m really dying to see the new covers…I’m hoping they just blow me away.  Bantam’s art department usually does…and I’m trying to be patient.  *snorts*  Well, as patient as I can be.

I’m also in the process of updating my FAQs page, so in the next couple of weeks, that should be accomplished.

Now, I’ll take a little time off to do things like…well, laundry.  And making sure the 10 huge trees that literally ripped out of the roots from the last snowstorm get taken care of and new, large trees replace them so I don’t need to look directly into my neighbor’s kitchen.

Trees are really, really freakin’ expensive.

Anyway, when those fun tasks are taken care of, it’s back to work on Sydney book 6 and Shadow Force Bk 3 (which I’m really excited about because it’s shiny and new and stuff.)  Although I might try to sneak in some reading, because I can justify it as part of my job, along with pen orders from staples and my brand new iMac which should arrive tomorrow. Pretty soon, there will be no more PCs in this house and I couldn’t be happier. Loving my Macs.  If you’re worried about making the switch because you think it might be complicated, don’t be.  It’s the easiest thing in the world, I swear.

Hope you all had a great weekend and you’re having a good day – as good as it can be for a Monday…