Night Moves release day!

Kell has arrived! Night Moves is on sale, both print and eBook, and, on November 7th, it will also be available in audio from Tantor!  Actually, all 4 Shadow Force books sold to Tantor, so they’ll be releasing between November 7th and December 26th.  I spoke to the narrator, Johanna, and she’s awesome – she’s done all the Sookie Stackhouse and Kelly Armstrong books.  


Anything can happen under the cover of darkness.

Kell Roberts has walked the thin line between life and death for so long that it now feels like home. He is a soldier, a survivor, and a loner. Still, Kell cannot turn his back on the beautiful woman caught in his firefight against the drug lords of Mexico. She says her name is Teddie, but Kell senses there’s much more to her story—and it’s about to pull him into a mission he didn’t sign on for: keeping her alive.

Teddie Lassiter knows this lean, mean rescuer just saved her life, but the steel glint behind those soft gray eyes seem to be hiding something deep. The men after Teddie are deadly, but the man who holds her life in his hands and tempts her with his wicked touch is even more dangerous. He could make her dream about living and loving again. And if they can survive, maybe, just maybe, they can stop fighting the world and each other—and simply surrender.


You can read an excerpt here and find character lists and soundtracks as well here!  And a few people have asked if it’s the last of the Shadow Force series – the answer is no, for sure.  I have a lot of plans, especially for Reid and Grier.  Also, I’m not done with Romantic Suspense – I’ve got a new RS series – Section 8 – coming out with NAL.  I’m excited for all my upcoming projects!




I did not need the heart attack on a plate from the squirrel that jumped through the lattice fencing out of my shed AT me this morning.  All I was trying to do was take out the garbage.  Instead, I think I taught my neighbors many new curse words.  I mean, it’s not like I live in the middle of the woods.  I don’t understand this at all.

But cursing always reminds me of the phrase, cursing like a sailor.  Which reminds me of SEALs.  Which reminds me…I’m thrilled to have been asked to be part of a SEAL anthology that comes out in November !  All the proceeds from this antho go straight to the Veterans Medical Research Foundation.  The complete website’s coming soon, but you can still visit it for some information – or to stare more at the cover.  There are so many wonderful authors involved – it’s going to be awesome!  And I believe there will be romance trading cards of the cover available at RWA!

Speaking of RWA,  Larissa is slowly UPS’ing me her entire life in preparation for the conference.  I might need another house just to put the various things I’m getting, like all her shoes.  Chapsticks.  Jar openers.  And other random packages.  She and Bryan will be hanging here over the weekend before they head in for the RWA conference.  I’ll be there starting Tuesday.  It’s going to be insane, but fun.

Finally, last but not least, today, I’m over at Marie Force’s Bookclub Blog (thanks to Kara, Ronlyn & Marie!) – they’re talking about LIE WITH ME, so pop over and say hi and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the giveaways!


Quick check-in

Sometimes, I so love Free Will Astrology – here’s the Aries scope for this week:

“You don’t want to be the best of the best,” said Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. “You just want to be the only one who does what you do.” That’s always good advice, but it will be especially apt for you during the next few weeks. You’re entering a phase when competing with other people will get you nowhere fast. What will get you somewhere fast is nurturing your unique talents and proclivities. Do you know exactly what they are? If you’re even a little fuzzy, make it your quest to get very clear.”

Do you agree with Jerry?

There’s a giveaway of a signed copy each of Lie With Me and Promises In The Dark over with TwiMom (aka Jen) who has a great review up today.  She says, “Not only is this book full of wonderful romance and HOT smex, but the action is suspenseful and riveting. Ms. Tyler has created an engrossing world of black ops and special missions, where the good guys are big and sexy and the bad guys are evil. I love it!”

Let’s see what else – baby boy had two teeth break through within twenty-four hours of each other – with no drama.  I am working on a blog for Romantic Times website that I’m sure they think I’ve forgotten about, but I haven’t – really!  I’m working on it now!  And I’ve got a bazillion words left to write on Night Moves.  Really, a bazillion…at least.  It would help if Kell would talk to me, the elusive bastard…

random editing discoveries

I can’t spell the word adrenaline correctly without spellcheck.  And i use the word a lot.  And yes, wordpress has spellcheck.

In Mace’s book, everyone’s expression was hardening.  His face hardened. A lot.

In Kell’s book, everyone is intoning.  A lot.  Not sure why I’m having a love affair with that word right now.

Editors invariably replace the word like with, as if.  Except in Mace’s book, she replaced two as ifs with like.  It was almost like a personal victory.  It was almost as if it was a personal victory.  What?  You can choose which one you like better.

I finally remembered that it’s talk to, not talk with.  I think.

Mace’s book is my second longest, clocking in at 97K.  Promises in the Dark is my longest, clocking in at 102K.  All the rest are between 89K and 93K.  Lie with Me was my shortest at 89K.

There is a sticky spot in the middle of my trackpad that’s driving me nuts.

The Black Saints friended me on Twitter and I checked them out on iTunes and bought some of their songs.  The power of Twitter. Except I’m not loving Twitter lately.

I know the last two things have nothing to do with editing. Neither will the rest of the post.

I don’t remember getting a subscription to INKED magazine.  Consequently, I don’t remember letting my Rolling Stone subscription run out, right when the True Blood naked cover issue was out.

Speaking of remembering, Linda H reminded me that I forgot to pick a winner for the good karma contest – so thanks to, the winner is #13 – Alina D!  Alina, please email me via my contact page with the email addy you’d like me to send the Amazon gift card to!

In the next week, I’m going to be giving away another Amazon gift-card – to be eligible to win this one, you need to be on Facebook – and all you need to do is Like me.  (aka, join my reader page) And that’s it.  You don’t have to comment or anything.  I’ll be picking the winner from the list of friends on that page.  And yes, I have another Facebook page that I started first and you might end up being on both. Eventually, I’ll only be on one. For now, totally confusing.

Release day for LIE WITH ME!!!

He’s here – he’s here – Cam is here!!!

LIE WITH ME / Book 1 of the Shadow Force series

Dell Books    

ISBN-10: 0440245966
ISBN-13: 978-0440245964

Forced together by fate, bound together by desire.

Framed for a double murder, Delta Force operative Cameron Moore is given a new lease on life by the CIA—provided he pays them back by doing their black ops dirty work. Now Cam is ready to renegotiate their deal, and he thinks he’s found the perfect bargaining chip: Skylar Slavin, bestselling author of espionage thrillers and the daughter of the CIA man who saved him from a prison sentence.

Skylar has been living in anonymity, never suspecting that someone so dangerous—and so desirable—would plunge her into a world as treacherous as one of her spy novels. But how can Cam go through with his plan to kidnap Skylar when just the sight of her sets off an explosive attraction he’s never experienced before? And when Skylar falls prey to an even more perilous threat, this special ops soldier must call upon all his combat skills to protect the one person who can help him win his freedom—and the only woman he’s ever loved.

You can read an excerpt here!

And thanks, Jennifer from RNN Reviews, who reviewed LIE WITH ME and said, “Stephanie Tyler offers readers an engrossing tale filled with engaging characters. I did not want to put this book down once I started it..“Lie with Me” is an action-packed story filled with a well-crafted suspense plot and some hot romantic tension. I am putting future Shadow Force books on my list of “To Read” books.”

Remember to look at the post below for more reviews and giveaways!

Reviews & some giveaways for Lie With Me

Been busy this past week with my daughter’s most recent surgery – she did great but it was more exhausting than usual since we brought baby boy.  I wasn’t ready to leave him home, and since the surgery is out of state, it made for a long trip.  But I’m home and we’re all recovering and I cannot believe LIE WITH ME releases on Tuesday.

I’ve been remiss in pointing to some great reviews and giveaways, so here goes.

Casee, from Book Binge, has a great review up, an excerpt and I have a guest post with a giveaway that I believe you have until tomorrow night midnight to enter!  One of my favorite parts of her review: “I was thinking back on Steph’s heroes and I realized that each one was better than the last. Cam’s the best hero yet. And that’s that.”

Lea from Closetreader posted another great review – I’ll be at her blog doing an interview and a giveaway on November 9th (and yes, I’ll remind you!) My favorite parts of her review – the fact that she starts it with, Holy.  Hell. (always a good sign) – she also says, “If you enjoy a heart wrenching, thrilling, gritty and action packed military romantic suspense, you may like to give,“Lie With Me,” a try.” And the biggest compliment, she says it’s one of the best books she’s read this year.

Pearl has a wonderful review of Lie With Me up as well, and she’s got the first of several giveaways listed there.  Pearl says, “I adore Stephanie Tyler’s writing and her brand of romantic suspense. Her men are capable, unapologetic and ruthless, yet tender and passionate with their woman. The women are vulnerable yet strong and independent. The suspense in LIE WITH ME is thrilling, intricate and awesomely put together including some kick-ass fight sequences. I was jumping from one speculation to the other. The romance is poignant and intense, the love scenes fog up will your glasses and an added treat was the secondary romance and the way she set up the next book’s couple without giving away too much.”

Jen (TwiMom) reviewed Lie With Me, interviewed me and used an excerpt as her Sunday snippet – YAY!  Jen says, “And Cam… he is an alpha male that I can appreciate! He is a man with a sorted and complex past. He is flawed, but works through his own mess to find happiness….All in all, Lie WIth me is a thrilling, romantic journey.’

Okay, back to IN THE AIR TONIGHT revisions – due very, very soon…