Back to work. Ish.

Thanks for the congrats, everyone!  Baby boy is doing well – he’s really happy and easy and he’s always hungry, which is a good thing.

As for the title of the post, it’s not that I haven’t been working, but I’ve definitely taken some time off because I kind of can’t stop holding this baby.  He’s addictive, you know?  But then yesterday, I finally started to feel that writing urge, the one I can’t ignore, which means writing is slowly nudging its way back into being a priority.  And now it’s become something I can’t ignore, which is a good thing.  Because really, the job has to be something I love enough to want to tear myself away from both the kids.  

And I kind of missed Sydney Croft’s TEMPTING THE FIRE‘S release day!  TwinMom wrote up a great review here (thanks, TwinMom!)  It’s book 4 in the ACRO series, starring Logan and Sela…and there’s lots of Marlena in there, for those who’ve written to ask when she’s going to get her HEA!  Thanks to all the Syd readers who ran out and bought the book and continue to talk up the series – it’s so much fun for Larissa and I to write.

TAKEN BY FIRE, Syd book 6, is nearly done with revisions (and they were minor, so YAY!)…we should have a cover really soon.  Mace’s book, IN THE AIR TONIGHT, is being revised as we speak – I found out it’s got a tentitive release date of August 2011…the book that follows (aka the book I have no idea who the hero is or what it’s about) is scheduled for October 2011.  And today, I need to do a final read-thru for PROMISES IN THE DARK and then it’s done, done, done.

How’re you all doing?  Busy summer?   Reading / watching anything good?  Deadliest Catch was really hard to watch this season…

betcha think the spiders got me…

But they didn’t.  Granted, I did get stung on my back by a bee yesterday.  While sitting in bed writing.  And it’s the second time in my life I got stung on my back by a bee in bed.

What?  I can’t make this stuff up, people.

Oh, and the exterminator recommended a spider brush to me – he’s like, they sell them at Home Depot. And I’m picturing this big brush that you whack spiders to death with.

Exterminator:  You take the brush and you catch the spiders in them.  Then you take the brush outside and shake the spiders out.

Me: Wait a minute, I’m supposed to carry a live spider through the house on a brush?  Isn’t there a brush where a little man comes out of the top and smashes the spider to death?  Because that’s a brush I want.

That’s when he gave up talking spider brushes and just sprayed the windows.

Anyway, so I’ve got to finish the draft of a book by May 31st. Pray for me, because it’s going to be tight.  It’s in the, oh my god, what was I thinking, stage, right on target, right around the page count that I always want to throw the book out the window.  This is Mace’s book (no pub date yet) but I do get to keep it’s original title, IN THE AIR TONIGHT.  It fits the book perfectly so I’m thrilled my editor loves it!

Larissa and I also got a title for Sydney book 6…TAKEN BY FIRE.  Loving that one too.

Just got copy edits for PROMISES IN THE DARK, which is exciting – means the book is kind of thisclose to getting put to bed.  Can’t stop looking at the cover, either.

Okay, how AWESOME was Gray’s Anatomy last night?  I was literally hanging onto the bed every time it came back from commercial – talk about moving forward relentlessly.  It was probably my favorite episode of all time.  Real Housewives of New York was good too, but kind of sad.  Kelly needs help.  Fast.