My interview is up at the HEA USA Today Blog!

I was interviewed about SEAL of My Dreams (and other things) over at the USA Today Blog – you can read the whole thing here.  In the month of November (release month) the book earned about $46K for the Veterans Medical Research Foundation, so all the contributing authors are thrilled!!!  Thanks for all your support  – you all went out and bought and talked the antho up – it’s for such a good cause!

So, in honor of that, I’m going to give away two signed ARCs of DIRE NEEDS!  The contest ends at 10PM EST, and all you have to do to be entered is to tell me what upcoming books you’re most looking forward to in the comments below.  I always end up with a huge list of books to buy when I ask this question.



Reviews & some giveaways for Lie With Me

Been busy this past week with my daughter’s most recent surgery – she did great but it was more exhausting than usual since we brought baby boy.  I wasn’t ready to leave him home, and since the surgery is out of state, it made for a long trip.  But I’m home and we’re all recovering and I cannot believe LIE WITH ME releases on Tuesday.

I’ve been remiss in pointing to some great reviews and giveaways, so here goes.

Casee, from Book Binge, has a great review up, an excerpt and I have a guest post with a giveaway that I believe you have until tomorrow night midnight to enter!  One of my favorite parts of her review: “I was thinking back on Steph’s heroes and I realized that each one was better than the last. Cam’s the best hero yet. And that’s that.”

Lea from Closetreader posted another great review – I’ll be at her blog doing an interview and a giveaway on November 9th (and yes, I’ll remind you!) My favorite parts of her review – the fact that she starts it with, Holy.  Hell. (always a good sign) – she also says, “If you enjoy a heart wrenching, thrilling, gritty and action packed military romantic suspense, you may like to give,“Lie With Me,” a try.” And the biggest compliment, she says it’s one of the best books she’s read this year.

Pearl has a wonderful review of Lie With Me up as well, and she’s got the first of several giveaways listed there.  Pearl says, “I adore Stephanie Tyler’s writing and her brand of romantic suspense. Her men are capable, unapologetic and ruthless, yet tender and passionate with their woman. The women are vulnerable yet strong and independent. The suspense in LIE WITH ME is thrilling, intricate and awesomely put together including some kick-ass fight sequences. I was jumping from one speculation to the other. The romance is poignant and intense, the love scenes fog up will your glasses and an added treat was the secondary romance and the way she set up the next book’s couple without giving away too much.”

Jen (TwiMom) reviewed Lie With Me, interviewed me and used an excerpt as her Sunday snippet – YAY!  Jen says, “And Cam… he is an alpha male that I can appreciate! He is a man with a sorted and complex past. He is flawed, but works through his own mess to find happiness….All in all, Lie WIth me is a thrilling, romantic journey.’

Okay, back to IN THE AIR TONIGHT revisions – due very, very soon…

And even more TOO HOT TO HOLD

So I’ve been invited over to the DIK Blog – that’s short for Desert Island Keepers, where I’m hanging out with Lea and the rest of the ladies…and some SEALs, of course!  I’ll be there for three days of interviews and blogs and yes, there’s a giveaway.  So head on over and comment or just say hi and have fun on the island.

Also, I was recently interview for The Big Thrill (the online publication of International Thriller Writers) by awesome author Mary Kennedy (who had a book release on Jan 5th, same day as Nick!). so check it out!


Thanks for making yesterday such a great release day!  I was bouncing all over the place, from Writeminded to LIST to Twitter to Facebook, posting pictures from readers who’d spotted Nick’s book.IMG00093

I love the pictures.  If you couldn’t tell.

Anyway, today I’m going to direct you to two places, both with a giveaway.  I’m guesting over at Seductive Musings where I was interviewed by Carrie, and then Nick (and Jake and Chris)  are over at I Don’t Want To Wait, I I Want The Book Now being interviewed.

Things got a little crazy there, but Greta kept them in check.

The one with the quotes…

I love quotes – I have them everywhere – scrawled in the notebooks I’m writing the current book in, on post-it notes around the desktop and some are even in my Blackberry.  

Someone tell me how I lived without email all the time, everywhere I go?  Thanks.

Anyway, I stumbled on a few good ones recently, so I thought I’d share.

“Anything will give up its secrets to you if you love it enough.” – George Washington Carver

(Dear Cam’s book,

I love you.  Now tell me everything.  Immediately.  Stop making me beg, because it’s not pretty.

Thank you,

Your author)

“Sometimes it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledge hammer.” – Major Holdridge, 1994

(It’s always appropriate to kill a spider living in my house with a sledge hammer.  Or a shoe.  Or by calling Zoo to come kill it.)

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

(I am not working, I am not working...)

Okay, did anyone else tear up at the intervention they had for Dennis Rodman on Celebrity Apprentice?  Seriously, it made me so said…especially watching him keep refering to the past.  I get that – I used to hear a lot of unpublished writers defending themselves like that.  Heck, I used to do it too – but the thing is, the more defensive you are, the more you know that you’re wrong.  I can’t explain why that works, but it’s like the nuns at my elementary school used to say, a guilty conscience always jumps.

I hope that makes sense.  If not, blame the migraine meds, as this is turning out to be quite the rambling, train of thought post.

I’ve leave off by reminded you that I’ve been interviewed by Susan Palmquist at Between The Lines Blog, so come on over and say hi!