And even more TOO HOT TO HOLD

So I’ve been invited over to the DIK Blog – that’s short for Desert Island Keepers, where I’m hanging out with Lea and the rest of the ladies…and some SEALs, of course!  I’ll be there for three days of interviews and blogs and yes, there’s a giveaway.  So head on over and comment or just say hi and have fun on the island.

Also, I was recently interview for The Big Thrill (the online publication of International Thriller Writers) by awesome author Mary Kennedy (who had a book release on Jan 5th, same day as Nick!). so check it out!


Thanks for making yesterday such a great release day!  I was bouncing all over the place, from Writeminded to LIST to Twitter to Facebook, posting pictures from readers who’d spotted Nick’s book.IMG00093

I love the pictures.  If you couldn’t tell.

Anyway, today I’m going to direct you to two places, both with a giveaway.  I’m guesting over at Seductive Musings where I was interviewed by Carrie, and then Nick (and Jake and Chris)  are over at I Don’t Want To Wait, I I Want The Book Now being interviewed.

Things got a little crazy there, but Greta kept them in check.

TOO HOT TO HOLD release day!

Nick is in the house!

Well, he’s been in some houses for a while – and I’ve heard from one person that he’s been vacationing in Disney!  But as of today, you should be able to buy your very own copy of TOO HOT TO HOLD everywhere.  54849096

And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the brothers hanging out together, the way Shannon (Dorothy?  nah, too easy) Stacey did!

TOO HOT TO HOLD, for those readers new to my site, is book 2 in my Navy SEAL trilogy.

Book 1, HARD TO HOLD, is, of course, still available – you can check out the wonderful review Stacy (aka Trelaina) wrote up.  I particularly like this quote: “They [the heroes] are flawed, and dangerous, a bit crazy even.”

And book 3, HOLD ON TIGHT, releases in a few weeks on January 26th!!!

I’ve added lots of little tidbits about Nick’s story on my site, so please go look around.  You’ll also find a nice long excerpt of HOLD ON TIGHT that went up today as well!

T minus 1 day until TOO HOT TO HOLD!

It feels like its been forever between the release of HARD TO HOLD and TOO HOT TO HOLD, probably because of the holidays, but tomorrow, it’s officially release day.  And I have a feeling time will fly between TOO HOT and HOLD ON TIGHT.  I’m trying to get ready for the whirlwind in between finishing up PROMISES IN THE DARK.  Tomorrow, I’ll give a list of where you’ll find me blogging over the next week or so (it’s up on my events page as well!)

Today, I’ll share this with you – Lea at ClosetWriter wrote a wonderful review for TOO HOT.  I’ll just give you a nice highlight:

“The plot of this story is fast paced and thrilling and I think Ms. Tyler incorporates an interesting paradox into the hot, intense romance that develops between Nick and Kaylee..The climax of “Too Hot To Hold”, is IMHO emotional, suspenseful and edge of seat exciting.”

If I owe you a mailing from a contest you won last week, I promise it’ll go out this week.  I have a stack of printed emails to go through.  I also have a zillion emails to answer, although I’ve already peeked at a lot of the emails from readers, because they always brighten up my day.  I’ll answer them personally, but let me just say for now, thank you for all the wonderful things you say about my books.  You guys rock!

Borders True Romance

You can find me talking about HARD TO HOLD – and the brothers – over with Sue Grimshaw at Borders True Romance blog today!  I’m also doing a giveaway of TOO HOT TO HOLD, which comes out January 5, 2010.  My wonderful editor offered those up, and I believe you’ll get them before the actual release date, which is always nice!

So come on over and comment for a chance to win TOO HOT TO HOLD and talk about your likes and dislikes of series / trilogies, etc.

Obviously, I’m a fan of trilogies.

The roads in Africa

This one’s about Africa…specifically, the roads in Africa, since they play a role in HARD TO HOLD and TOO HOT TO HOLD.IMG_0002

See, road is a relative term.  I remember we would drive for hours on dirt roads, then suddenly find ourselves on a strip of beautifully paved, smooth road – for maybe twenty feet.  And then it would end.  There was no rhyme or reason to it at all, and although we traveled after the rainy season, the roads were pretty well destroyed.  Without four wheel drive vehicles, forget getting anywhere. Even with four wheel drive vehicles, it was, shall we say, 3229864836_989c5d5135 challenging.

But this is about the one road I remember most vividly.  Late at night, we’d been driving toward Songea, to the mission where Zoo was born.  We’d been on the road forever – like 12 hours at least and then the car came to a dead stop.  And we all had to get out and investigate what our driver called the pothole.

There’s  Zoo, standing in the tiny pothole in the road.IMG

The driver decided that the pothole was not a problem at all.

So yeah, that’s us, in the pothole.  I’m sitting in the middle seat in the back. IMG_0001 With a box of wine.

If you drive anywhere in Africa, you will need several boxes of wine.

So when Sarah or Clutch or any of the characters talk about the roads in Africa, you’ll understand a little more.

From what I’m told, these roads were actually some of the better ones.