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You can find me talking about HARD TO HOLD – and the brothers – over with Sue Grimshaw at Borders True Romance blog today!  I’m also doing a giveaway of TOO HOT TO HOLD, which comes out January 5, 2010.  My wonderful editor offered those up, and I believe you’ll get them before the actual release date, which is always nice!

So come on over and comment for a chance to win TOO HOT TO HOLD and talk about your likes and dislikes of series / trilogies, etc.

Obviously, I’m a fan of trilogies.

Giveaway at Ann Aguirre’s blog

1.  The extremely talented and generousAnn Aguirre (aka Ava Gray) is having some cool giveaways on her blog this week in honor of Christmas – I’m up there today, so head on over and check it out!

2.  I’ll be chatting tomorrow night over at LIST at 8PM EST – come on over and have some fun! Tyler-1789

3.  The tree is up.  Gus, however, is far too enthralled by the idea of having an actual piece of the outdoors in the house.  He’s like, dude, it’s like having a stick anytime I want – all I need to do is rip it off myself!

Me:  Zoo, Gus is chewing on a piece of the tree!

Zoo:  At least his breath will be evergreen fresh.

4.  Amount of actual Christmas shopping accomplished :  Zero.  Why can’t the tree be enough?! It is for Gus…

The roads in Africa

This one’s about Africa…specifically, the roads in Africa, since they play a role in HARD TO HOLD and TOO HOT TO HOLD.IMG_0002

See, road is a relative term.  I remember we would drive for hours on dirt roads, then suddenly find ourselves on a strip of beautifully paved, smooth road – for maybe twenty feet.  And then it would end.  There was no rhyme or reason to it at all, and although we traveled after the rainy season, the roads were pretty well destroyed.  Without four wheel drive vehicles, forget getting anywhere. Even with four wheel drive vehicles, it was, shall we say, 3229864836_989c5d5135 challenging.

But this is about the one road I remember most vividly.  Late at night, we’d been driving toward Songea, to the mission where Zoo was born.  We’d been on the road forever – like 12 hours at least and then the car came to a dead stop.  And we all had to get out and investigate what our driver called the pothole.

There’s  Zoo, standing in the tiny pothole in the road.IMG

The driver decided that the pothole was not a problem at all.

So yeah, that’s us, in the pothole.  I’m sitting in the middle seat in the back. IMG_0001 With a box of wine.

If you drive anywhere in Africa, you will need several boxes of wine.

So when Sarah or Clutch or any of the characters talk about the roads in Africa, you’ll understand a little more.

From what I’m told, these roads were actually some of the better ones.

Irene Goodman is auctioning off critiques!

Irene Goodman’s my agent and she’s awesome, so if you’re looking for a great critique of a partial, I wouldn’t hesitate to bid on her ebay auction.  It’s for a great cause – one very personal to her heart:

Proceeds from twelve critiques will go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and thirteen will go to the Deafness Research Foundation. Ebay doesn’t allow multiple bidders on one auction, so there will be 25 separate auctions on which you can bid. You can choose which foundation you want to benefit by clicking on one of the links below.

You can find all the details and links to the eBay auction here.

So go forth and bid!  photoH2H

Oh, and Shamaya sent a picture!  Look – Suzanne Brockmann and Linda Howard are touching me!

I mean, not inappropriately or anything.  But they seem to like cozying up to Jake.  Lynn’s Alexandra will not take kindly to this…

Me:  Look – Texas Walmart!

Zoo:  Cool. *mumbles something about driving Sharon around*

Me:  We’re totally moving to Texas.

Zoo:  You know we have a Walmart like 20 minutes away.  They probably have your book too.

Me:  Then why no pictures?

Zoo:  Well, you’re the one who’d take those picture.

Me:  Don’t use logic on me – we’re totally moving to Texas.

I’m also a guest at Seductive Musings today – with an exclusive new HARD TO HOLD excerpt and a giveaway that’s only open for today, so come on over and check it out!

Spotting Hard to Hold

Me to Zoo:  Look at this – Hard to Hold in Borders in Texas.  I love Texas.  And Katy for sending the pic.13937_620848317905_7403970_36075883_4514640_n

Zoo:  Very cool

Me:  Why are there still so many of them on the shelf?  Do you think any of them are on front tables?  Do you think anyone’s buying them?

Zoo:  I wouldn’t worry.

Me:  When I was a bookseller and we had that many books, they would be on a front table.

Zoo:  Maybe they are.

Me:  Then why is this not a picture of a front table?



Picture of Hard to Hold spotted by one of Zoo’s friends:

Me:   Look at that – how cool!

Zoo:  Very cool!

Me:  Oh, and I’m next to Lynn Viehl – excellent.  Maybe the books are talking.

Zoo:  Um, sure.

Me:  Why are there still so many books on the shelf?  Do you think there are any on the front tables?  What is going on here?!

Zoo:  I really hope no one sends more pictures.

More Hard to Hold stuff…& Larissa’s Demonica Series

I think my head is still spinning from yesterday – everyone was so awesome in helping me celebrate Hard to Hold‘s release!  I got several emails already telling me people were up to certain chapters or scenes and loving the book and you don’t understand how much that means to me.  This book was a looooong time coming in a lot of ways and to hear that people are really truly enjoying it makes me so happy.

I’m guest blogging today over at Riding With the Top Down – and I’m giving away the first three of Larissa’s Demonica books to one lucky winner, so head over and comment.

A few more Hard to Hold things – first, here’s the link to the Loves Romances and More blog with the interview I did with Danny (thanks, Danny!.)

Also, Pearl won an ARC of Hard To Hold and she seemed to like it  (YAY!)  Her review is so awesome!  And then Shamaya made me cry with this.

Now, a quick Zoo story – he always goes and buys my books in the store the day of release.  And he’s got a shelf in his office of my books.  (I try to remember this when I see the suitcases in the hallway that have been sitting there for three months now -the ones he’s supposed to bring into the attic.)  Anyway, he asked me to sign his copy, and so signed it the way I always do, although he complains that it’s slightly impersonal:

For Zoo –

All best-

Stephanie Tyler

(It makes me laugh every time, but that’s just me…)