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Kayla Peters hasn’t been Claire Cooper for six years…but the past is about to catch up with her, and nothing will ever be the same.


Kayla‘s in witness protection, being hidden from her twin sister by the U.S. Marshals Office. When Kayla moves in next to a former Special Forces operative, she discovers that he’s got a dark, dangerous past of his own..and that he might be the only person who could help her survive.


Teige doesn’t want to like Kayla. Since the death of his CO and Teige’s retirement from Delta Force, he’d been taking on the most dangerous jobs, pressing the luck he feels had followed him his entire life. He’s convinced it’ll run out, because he knows no one can be that lucky all the time. And when he discovers who Kayla really is, and what kind of trouble’s following her, he realizes he’s up against the most dangerous—and personal—job of his career.

It’s a great chance for you to catch up on the series or tell your friends about the book sale because on September 19th, the newest book in my Mirror Series, Walk In My Shadow, will be released in ebook format at all major retailers. (and keep reading to find out about my free gift to you!)

Check out the cover and blurb for Walk in My Shadow below: Walk In My Shadow

WALK IN MY SHADOW:  A Mirror Novel Mirror Book 3

Danger’s never far behind her…


These days, being a US Marshal is easier than it has ever been for Abby Daniels. The demons haunting her from her past were exorcized on her last job, and while she went through hell, and a serious recovery, she’s come out the other end. Her nightmares about almost dying at the hands of a serial killer as a child are gone.


The fact that it took almost dying at the hands of another serial killer just a few months ago is an unfortunate coincidence, but one she doesn’t lose much sleep over.


But lurking in the shadows is another dangerous man, tied to someone in her past but wanting to be part of her future… Can she trust him? Better yet, can she trust herself?

The Mirror Series books are all standalone, meaning you can read them out of order and not miss anything. There are characters who do Rule of Thirdsshow up in all of the books, but each of the three books have their own characters and HEA at the end. No cliffhangers in this series!

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