CarinaPressBlitzBannerHey guys!  You can join in Carina’s New Adult Blog Blitz that’s happening through March 23rd – last count, I think 80 blogs signed up to talk about some of Carina’s newest New Adult releases, including:

Danube Adele – her latest release is Quicksilver Dreams (book 1 in Dreamwalkers series -Jan 2014)

Kristine Wyllys – her latest release is Wild Ones (book 1 in The Lane series – Jan 2014)

Stina Lindenblatt – her latest release is Tell Me When (book 1 in new series – Jan 2014)

and my newest, which is my November 2013 release, Redemption, which is book 2 in the Defiance series.  (and I’ll be posting the cover and blurb for book 3, Salvation, soon!)

As of right now, these are the blogs that have posted (and I’ll keep adding 🙂