Today, the gorgeous Vipers Run cover is revealed exclusively at USA Today (what an honor!), and tomorrow, the cover will be up here on  And guys, check out the front page of USAT’s HEA – how COOL is this?!?

I’m really excited to talk about my new contemporary Skulls Creek motorcycle club series!  I mean, let’s be honest, I think most every book I’ve written has a guy with a Harley in it (starting from my very first Blaze) but with both my Dire and Defiance series, I got very into the motorcycle club genre.  My editor at NAL actually approached me with, how would you feel about writing a contemp MC series…and obviously, I was really excited to do so!  I’d already been tossing around some ideas on my own, so sometimes fate and opportunity meet at just the right time. So I’ll have my post-apocolyptic New Adult MC with the Defiance series, and my Vipers MC series is contemporary romance – very different feels but always with alpha heroes.  🙂

The Vipers aren’t angels, but they’ve definitely got some hard boundaries about what their club will—and won’t—do.  And even though falling in love isn’t high on any of the Vipers lists, they’re all going to go down hard.

To learn more, including order links (when they’re available next week!) and more about my upcoming works, check out my up next page!