My first Top Pick!  I’m so excited!  RT gave Defiance 4.5 stars and says:

“Unforgettable! The setting, the characters, the plot — every element of Tyler’s book is completely unlike anything else out there. Sure, you have read about motorcycle clubs, and bad boys with chips on their shoulders, and post-apocalyptic settings — now imagine combining all of these elements and add in one smart-mouthed heroine who knows her mind and you will get the wonder that is Defiance.”

Defiance is a recommended read at Romance Novel News!  Jennifer Porter says:

“The world of Defiance sucked me in completely. I could not put it down. The darkness of the story provided an excellent backdrop to the uncertainty of life for its inhabitants, especially Tru and Caspar. I cannot wait to see where Tyler takes this series next.

 “Defiance” might actually make me a new adult convert. I highly recommend this story.”

And finally, I really love what Under The Covers Book Blog says about Defiance:

“In a promising start to a new look in New Adult, DEFIANCE is taking the best elements of Fiction and creating a hybrid read that stands out like a gem.”

Today, I’m at RT with a quiz: titled:  Could You Handle Stephanie Tyler’s Defiance universe?

I’m over at Fiction Vixen talking about Tru.

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You can order Defiance here and read the first chapter here!

Thanks again to all the bloggers and readers who really helped me get the word out there about this book 🙂