I’m thinking it would be so much fun (and probably easier) to blog the reality television shows I watch, especially the Real Housewives ones.  I mean, I’ve learned so much, like:

If you eat a bow off someone’s spectacularly expensive cake, you should a) blame low blood sugar and then b) use the expression, is this the kind of world we live in when someone tries to throw you out of said party after eating said bow off the expensive cake.

Is this the kind of world we live in is now my new favorite line.

Is this the kind of world we live in? <—— (told you.)

I have lots of unanswered questions too, like did Jim from the OC really get a chin implant?

Was Briana pregnant when she said she wasn’t?

Did I ever hang out with Heather in high school, since she grew up near me?

Can I have Carole Radziwell’s writing?  Or at least her floating staircase?  (see Bravo video here)

Why is Sonya all Grey Gardens?  Why do I still love her?  Can I have a Milsaps of my very own?

Why does Heather pronounce Hummus as HO-Mas?

I would like Jacques to visit me. <—– obviously, not a question

If my editors are reading this, please note that of course, there are no Bravo TV shows watched until all writing is completed.

Again, I ask, Is this the kind of world we live in?  Or I will when you invite me to your house and I eat a hunk of cake before it’s served and then you kick me out…