*(that’s a Spin Doctors song, right? Come on, you know you loved Two Princes…)

For the past six months, my clock radio has remained an hour behind.  Since I couldn’t figure out how to make it fall back and asked Zoo a million times and he never changed it, it became a big joke.  And then I got used to it, in that way when you wake up in a panic and see the time and then realize, oh, it’s my day off / weekend, whatever.

Granted, I don’t have days off and weekends and weekdays are quite similar to me, but I remember those days when I was teaching.

So yeah, it was nice to look at the clock and be like, on no, it’s already 3PM…oh wait, it’s only 2PM!

What?  Sometimes tricking yourself makes everything better.

So now, with spring ahead, the clock is correct.  I cannot handle this.  Zoo just laughs and won’t change it for me.  And the only thing that makes it better is that I have another way to drive Zoo crazy.  See, a couple of years ago, we were away for like a month in a state that was an hour behind New York.  For the entire month, I kept my watch on New York time – and so when he’d ask me what time it was, I’d say, what time is it in New York or what time is it here?

Seriously.  I’d do it every time!  Can you imagine how annoying that would be?

So now, when he asks me what time it is, I say, do you want to know what time it would be if it wasn’t daylight savings or the real time?

I have a feeling he’ll change my clock back an hour just to avoid this.

Hey, you’ve got to make your own fun around here…