I’ve had people asking if I’m still going to AAD NOLA for the past few weeks now and I’ve been putting off answering because…because for a little while I didn’t know.  And then I knew and I didn’t know if I wanted to share, and that was weird, because I’d always shared a lot on this blog, but that was before the internet became this weird, snarky place instead of the fun, safe place I used to know and love.  Sounds nostalgic, I know – sappy too but hey, I miss those good old days when blogging was all fun and I used to run from blog to blog, checking in on old friends and making new ones.  Today it’s all landmines and reviews and people taking things you say in interviews and twisting them up and just a lot of stuff that leaves me with a shitty taste in my mouth – and I end up just walking away from it instead of continuing to stake my happy little place on the internet.

Anyway, long story longer, I decided that not sharing was giving into all that shit, so I’m sharing.  A few weeks ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram.  We went together (and I keep telling her that since I saved her life, she owes me, but since she gave birth to me, it probably evens out…)  Anyway, she’s doing well and the prognosis is thankfully (so far) good, but it still means a long road ahead, and since my dad’s sick and I’m an only child, planning any kind of trip in the not so distant future just seems like a foolish move to me.

So yeah, I’m more sensitive than usual (which means I’m really goddamned sensitive) and I’m trying to avoid a lot of online places that will make me even more sensitive.  Which, during release time, is really, really hard.  So bear with me, okay?