Winner of the Dire Needs ARC is Linda Scarchuk, as chosen by Zoo, because he can be as random as any random number generator!  Linda, just email me your addy and I’ll get the ARC out to you.  And it’s not the last contest for ARCs – promise!  And thanks so much for making release day for Dire Warning so much fun 🙂

And now, a short story for your reading pleasure:

You know when you tell your husband something like maybe you should buy a second can of the same exact paint with the built-in primer since that’s what you started painting the living room with and he says something like, the primer’s already worked with the first coat so I can just buy the regular pain without primer and you say something like, but I think it would be best if you continued with the same exact thing you started with and he comes home with the regular non-primer paint and says, the guy in the paint store said it would be fine and then you look at the paint job the next morning in the light and you can clearly see where the paint with primer was applied and where it wasn’t?

Yes, that. In my living room at the present time.

Moral of story – I win!!! And somehow lose, all at the same time.