Not.  OMG – this house is like a magnet for illness lately.  My poor kid got so sick (probably food poisoning) the other night, so, as I said in the comments, I couldn’t pick the contest winners.  So I had my husband pick 2 numbers and the corresponding winners are Viki S. and Debbie Talbot!  Guys, email me with your addresses and I’ll get Dire Needs out to you ASAP!

I have more ARCs to give away (those are advances reading copies, fyi, which means they’re uncorrected galleys but pretty close to what the real version will be barring some wrong words / etc.)  I’m also going to gift some copies of Dire Warning too as soon as the preorder links go up 🙂

Anyway, you guys had awesome lists of books to be read – most of us have very similar tastes in reading 🙂