I can’t spell the word adrenaline correctly without spellcheck.  And i use the word a lot.  And yes, wordpress has spellcheck.

In Mace’s book, everyone’s expression was hardening.  His face hardened. A lot.

In Kell’s book, everyone is intoning.  A lot.  Not sure why I’m having a love affair with that word right now.

Editors invariably replace the word like with, as if.  Except in Mace’s book, she replaced two as ifs with like.  It was almost like a personal victory.  It was almost as if it was a personal victory.  What?  You can choose which one you like better.

I finally remembered that it’s talk to, not talk with.  I think.

Mace’s book is my second longest, clocking in at 97K.  Promises in the Dark is my longest, clocking in at 102K.  All the rest are between 89K and 93K.  Lie with Me was my shortest at 89K.

There is a sticky spot in the middle of my trackpad that’s driving me nuts.

The Black Saints friended me on Twitter and I checked them out on iTunes and bought some of their songs.  The power of Twitter. Except I’m not loving Twitter lately.

I know the last two things have nothing to do with editing. Neither will the rest of the post.

I don’t remember getting a subscription to INKED magazine.  Consequently, I don’t remember letting my Rolling Stone subscription run out, right when the True Blood naked cover issue was out.

Speaking of remembering, Linda H reminded me that I forgot to pick a winner for the good karma contest – so thanks to random.org, the winner is #13 – Alina D!  Alina, please email me via my contact page with the email addy you’d like me to send the Amazon gift card to!

In the next week, I’m going to be giving away another Amazon gift-card – to be eligible to win this one, you need to be on Facebook – and all you need to do is Like me.  (aka, join my reader page) And that’s it.  You don’t have to comment or anything.  I’ll be picking the winner from the list of friends on that page.  And yes, I have another Facebook page that I started first and you might end up being on both. Eventually, I’ll only be on one. For now, totally confusing.