I’ve already lost track of the dates and actually had to check a calendar.

So, I’m about 3/4 of the way through Mace’s 2nd round of revisions – mainly just wording issues and a few semi-bigger things to fix, but those all seem to be in the last 30 pages.  Which is why I stopped there, because it was around 2AM and my brain had stopped functioning.  I didn’t want to have to do the work twice.

And  then Baby Boy decided to get up at 3AM to eat.  He hasn’t done that for a while and I was so tired it actually hurt.

I also missed the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Tragedy.  And I forgot to DVR it.

As for new stuff, I wrote about nineteen pages longhand yesterday, spanning 2 different books, so I’m typing it in now.  I pretty much get one typed page for each one written, so it wasn’t a bad day.  Would’ve been better if the revisions weren’t so time consuming – they’re not hard – it’s just a matter of going through the ms page by page and inserting / deleting.  It’s like the edits before the copy edits.  Like the shirt before the shirt – and if you understand this, then I’ve caught you watching the Jersey Shore.

Really, you can admit it – we don’t judge here.

If you’re doing Nano, how’re you doing?  Are you looking ahead and taking into consideration any days in the coming week where you know you won’t get much writing done?  You have to bank your words then, write a little more each day heading up to that in order to make up for it.

My other tip of the day is, if you’re stuck, change modalities – if you’re writing on a desktop, can you move to a laptop / alpha smart – can you change locations?  Go into your bedroom, your living room, outside.  Try writing longhand for a while – I always do that when I’m stuck – longhand writing just frees me.  Plus, you get to use fun pens – it’s like the first day of school with fun office supplies all over again!

Don’t judge.