Okay, well, I’m hopped up on way too much candy (YUM!) and plan to take the leftovers and hide it in my office because chocolate is the nectar of writers.  No really, it is.

So, do you have everything you need for tomorrow to start your book?  For me, that would include a new pen (my favorite kind to write longhand with is pilot precise grip – fine point black) and a Claire Fontaine notebook (I don’t use a new one at the start of each book or a new one for each book – I go through about 1 every 2 months so I always have a supply on hand)…also, my quote that I start each book with and at least the start of a soundtrack that I create on my iTunes.

Do you have a way to back-up your work?  The simplest (lazy) way is to attach and send it to an email address or 2 (web based – not Outlook.)  I also use a Western Digital Passport and save my entire computer with Mac’s Time Machine once a month. You can use the Western Digital for PCs too.  I’m just a Mac girl now.

You can also think about using a writing program – I loved WriteWayPro when I used a PC – now I used Scrivener for Mac, which I also love.  They allow you to color code scenes and actually see them in a list.  You will still need Microsoft Word, no matter what, because you will need to send to editors / agents / crit partners in this format.  Both programs are easy to convert to Word.

Now, you can have all the notebooks, pens and writing programs in the world, but what’s going to separate you from the pack is that you listen to advice, take what works for you (do you feel it?  Can you get out of your own way long enough to listen to what’s being said or are you still in defensive-mode? and I’ll discuss this more in weeks to come) and then (wait for it)…write the book.

I know – it amazes me that I have to say it but I can’t tell you the amount of people who talk to me about wanting to write a book and then they never actually write anything down.  You cannot call yourself a writer if you don’t actually write.  So just start – ANYWHERE.  Even if it’s just lists about the character’s wants / needs / desires.  Is there a line from a song that describes him / her?  Write it down.  Work with PBW’s three questions:  Who are you? / What do you want? / What’s the worst thing I can do to you?

I know – they’re great questions.  Picture the scenes in your head and let them play out like they’re a movie.  Put the music up loud and just get something down that resembles a story, a scene…something.

I’m going to dig into my IN THE AIR TONIGHT final revisions and prepare so I can write a bit on Kell’s book either tonight or in the morning.  So I’m right there with you, writing away.