Yeah, I know – we haven’t gotten past Halloween yet, but we’re close enough to November – and my impending deadlines – to make me start to twitch.  Or continue twitching, I guess.

November’s the time of NaNoWriMo – a writing challenge where writers attempt to get to 50K on a brand new book.  Since I kind of feel like it’s NaNo every month of the year for me (which is a damned good thing, I need to add) I’ll be working toward my own goals, but figured, if there are writers out there who need some encouragement as the month goes on, maybe I can give back a little.  I know it’s a strange, rough time for publishing and the amount of doom and gloom out there is tough to wade through.  But I’ve been really blessed with a great start to my career and awesome readers and if I can help someone else on their journey, I’d like to.

I won’t be doing the traditional NaNo – this month, I have to finish a contracted romantic suspense – NIGHT MOVES – which will end up around 100K.  I have…um, 10K right now.  And I have two other projects I’m really excited about that I’ll be squeezing in because, well, that’s the way I roll.

I need to work on multiple projects because that’s my right way.  When I try to tunnel vision, nothing gets done – I stall and I bitch and whine and it’s not pleasant for anyone.  I want to write one book at a time, in order, but in the *counts* ten years (OMG!) that I’ve been writing romance, it just hasn’t happened.  My process has it’s great points and it’s completely sucky points but hey, I own them all.

So this month, I’ll try to talk about what I’ve learned, what I still struggle with – strengths and weaknesses, writing with children tugging at you, writing with all kinds of real life interruptions.  If you’ve got any writing related questions, things you want me to talk about, feel free to mention it in the comments or email me via my contact page.

For now, remember this.  I’ve told people that, although I’ve gotten better, it doesn’t get easier.  I don’t think it’s supposed to – if it does, maybe it means you’re not trying to outdo your previous work.  Because the only person you should be competing with – the only one you can compete with – is you.  And that’s the thing to keep in mind.  You need to surround yourself with really really really good friends – the kind you can call and whine to, the kind that you’re honestly from the bottom of your heart thrilled for when amazing things happen to them because you know they absolutely deserve every bit of success they get.  This is your support system, and it’s completely and utterly necessary in this business.  Choose them wisely.

And then, repeat this to yourself – just because other writers get published / hit lists / get other writing related things you covet before you doesn’t take away your ability to do so – those writers did not take your spot. There is plenty to go around.

And then, start writing your book.  Honestly, it’s that freakin’ simple.  Start.  Writing.

More to come…