But they didn’t.  Granted, I did get stung on my back by a bee yesterday.  While sitting in bed writing.  And it’s the second time in my life I got stung on my back by a bee in bed.

What?  I can’t make this stuff up, people.

Oh, and the exterminator recommended a spider brush to me – he’s like, they sell them at Home Depot. And I’m picturing this big brush that you whack spiders to death with.

Exterminator:  You take the brush and you catch the spiders in them.  Then you take the brush outside and shake the spiders out.

Me: Wait a minute, I’m supposed to carry a live spider through the house on a brush?  Isn’t there a brush where a little man comes out of the top and smashes the spider to death?  Because that’s a brush I want.

That’s when he gave up talking spider brushes and just sprayed the windows.

Anyway, so I’ve got to finish the draft of a book by May 31st. Pray for me, because it’s going to be tight.  It’s in the, oh my god, what was I thinking, stage, right on target, right around the page count that I always want to throw the book out the window.  This is Mace’s book (no pub date yet) but I do get to keep it’s original title, IN THE AIR TONIGHT.  It fits the book perfectly so I’m thrilled my editor loves it!

Larissa and I also got a title for Sydney book 6…TAKEN BY FIRE.  Loving that one too.

Just got copy edits for PROMISES IN THE DARK, which is exciting – means the book is kind of thisclose to getting put to bed.  Can’t stop looking at the cover, either.

Okay, how AWESOME was Gray’s Anatomy last night?  I was literally hanging onto the bed every time it came back from commercial – talk about moving forward relentlessly.  It was probably my favorite episode of all time.  Real Housewives of New York was good too, but kind of sad.  Kelly needs help.  Fast.