and time makes lovers feel, like they’ve got something real, but you and me we know we’ve got nothin’ but time…oh, sorry, having a Boy George 80’s moment.  I still love that song.

Anyway, here’s the deal – I want my cube clock back.

Seriously, I’m pretty good with new technology.  I switched from a PC to a Mac without much issue, I’ve installed software and moved from a Blackberry to a PalmPre with few difficulties.  I can work a remote, set my DVR.

I haven’t been able to work an alarm clock since my Sony cube.  I’ve had that cube since before college.  Which, was a while ago.  Quite a while ago, and I can’t believe it’s still working.

See, it was on my side of the bed until Zoo and I had to switch sides for the kid.  And then since I was staying home and he was the only one going out to work, the clock stayed on his side.  And then I bought a new clock.  A big, shiny new clock that I didn’t know how to set.

Zoo set it for me and it took me the better part of six months to realize he’d set it to a Spanish radio station.  I couldn’t understand any of the songs when I woke up but I’m not a morning person and just assumed that I was really tired.

I have four new clocks – four perfectly good clocks and I can’t work any of them.  So, last week, I bought a new Sony cube.  I figured – it’s the cube!  Probably as easy as my old cube…a perfect solution.

I still can’t work it.

I know you’re saying to yourself, why doesn’t she just give him the new clock and take back the old clock? And I have no answer for you.  It’s not like the clock is being held hostage or anything.

As long as I’m confessing, I might as well admit that most of the time I end up watching the commercials on the shows I’ve DVR’d because I forget they’re recorded shows.  Just me?  Yes?