In my city, they’re starting to pass out dry ice, which I’m taking as not a very good sign for those people who’ve lost power.  (We’re okay, so fingers crossed we stay that way.) It’s a mess around here.  Early Saturday, part of our neighbor’s tree fell across his driveway into our yard.  As Zoo said, it hasn’t been a really good year for the foliage in our yard.  Add 2 bushes and 2 more trees down, as well as parts of our fence, but it’s nothing in comparison to what’s happened around us.

I will, of course, still bitch about it.  Just not a lot.  But you all understand.

When we lost all our trees a few weeks ago, I put in for a homeowner’s claim – I really didn’t think they’d be covered but we’ve (luckily) never had to put in a claim and I figured I’d try.  It was denied, and I asked, since we’re getting new trees, why / how they’d be covered.

The woman said, “Well, they’d have to be destroyed by an explosion, fire, an aircraft crashing into them, or they’d have to be run down by a vehicle not registered to you.”

And I’m thinking, dude, if any of those things are happening, I’m worried about a lot more than my trees. But hey, I guess that kind of puts it all in perspective.

When I told Zoo, he said, Maybe we can borrow some parts from a local airport and scatter them throughout the trees.