It’s all stormy out – a perfect morning to sleep in but, of course, that means I was up at 6AM for no apparent reason.  Ah well, means I can justify a nap later.  Except I’m not a great nap person – it never leaves me feeling refreshed, just icky and groggy.

So basically, I’m up for the day, coffee in hand and Scrivener (my writing program) open and ready to go.

Gus, on the other hand, is not looking forward to the rain.  Snow, yes, but rain makes him crazy.  He doesn’t like getting wet, even though I remind him that he’s a hunting dog and should really be swimming on a regular basis.  15945_212298353732_617888732_3194758_517577_n

Anyway, what are your plans for the day / the weekend?  Catching up on some reading / writing / TV?  Oh, let’s talk books and TV and movies.  I’m sort of sadly addicted to the Real Housewives (the OC just ended and the new season for NY just started) – and I’m liking LA Ink so far.  Burn Notice was awesome – can’t wait till it starts again in June.  And then Celebrity Apprentice starts again soon – and since Brett Michaels is no longer doing Rock of Love, maybe he’ll be as interesting on CA.  And Celebrity Rehab’s Sober House – the 1st episode depressed me as much as the entire season of Celebrity Rehab.

As for books, I just finished One Foot in the Grave by Jeanine Frost – really liking Cat and Bones, although first person and continuing love stories don’t always thrill me.  I’m in for the 2nd though (it’s already loaded up onto Kindle)  I’m also 1/3 through the new Pamela Clare, Naked Edge and I’m waiting for all 3 of Christy Reece’s new trilogy to release before I read them, but it’s hard to wait.