So I’m watching People’s Court, because I love Judge Milian (especially when she starts yelling and quoting things in Cuban – she reminds me of my friend Christina) and she’s doing this case with college aged kids who took pictures of their friends partying and such (basically, in compromising positions) in order to use them against each other to get out of living together – so they could break a lease, pretty much.

And so the judge holds up the pictures, taken on the phone and says something like, you young people don’t get it – all this facebook and twitter and posting everything to your profiles..haven’t you ever heard the phrase, say it, forget it, write it, regret it?

Personally, I’d never heard it put like that but yes, I’ve always heard that you should be careful what you put in writing, and how if you’re angry you should wait 24 hours before sending anything written in said anger.  I think they’re good rules.

I’ve said it before – I find social media overwhelming and exhausting.  Part of that is my personality for sure – I definitely lean more toward the loner side of things – I need a lot of alone time, which is pretty awesome given that my career requires a lot of time alone.  And while I really love hanging out and chatting with readers and writers, sometimes only being able to respond with a certain amount of characters becomes tough and then it’s like, you’re basically using Twitter as an IM.  But I get it – it’s a great way to get updated quickly and efficiently.

When we talked about discontinuing the Writeminded Blog (don’t worry – we’re still all there on the reader’s yahoo loop and for now, the monthly chats will for sure continue) I said that I found it really sad that blogs were being replaced by Twitter and Facebook updates.  As someone who keeps pages for my author persona and not for personal use per se, I should like that more, find it easier to shoot out an update here and there.

But I’m a writer – I like to spill my thoughts on the page – and keeping this blog is really not much different than keeping a personal journal, which I’ve done since I was literally like eight.  Granted, there are things I won’t share here because they’re too personal, but I like knowing that people can come here and feel comfortable to post or not, to learn about Gus or Zoo or to hear about my writing process or the fact that I might be getting another tattoo soon or..whatever.

So this is my way of saying that I like my blog – and sometimes I have to say that to remind myself of how much I do like it, especially when I stop worrying about whether or not I’m saying anything of worth, whether I’m offending someone or being too PC or what.  I’ve been blogging for a long time and I’m really hoping that people still enjoying reading them.  It’s where I’m most comfortable and, like I told Catherine in an earlier post, it’s home.

So what’s your favorite social media / way of connecting with friends / families / readers, etc?  Do you like all the options or did you find it easier when people were all in one place?