I was battling a migraine and trying to get things done, like some guest blogs I owe, plus adding to a scene for my newest proposal that agent suggested, plus working on one of those, just for me projects.  The day went surprisingly well, because I just took it all slowly.

I decided to put the last of my copy editing off until tomorrow, when I was sharper.  I can’t do those when I’m foggy.  I can write while foggy – written some of my best scenes that way.

I was also playing around on Facebook, asking people to suggest some of their favorite music and I got some great suggestions.  The first thing I do when I get a lead on a new song is play the sample on iTunes while I look up the lyrics.  Several of the songs suggested to me today are actually really perfect for the proposal book (It’s Mace’s book – I’m calling it In the Air Tonight, but I doubt that title will stick. Working titles rarely do.)

I also have RITA books to read – it’s my first year judging. Oh, for those of you not familiar with the RITA, it’s the RWA’s (Romance Writers of America) awards, announced yearly at their conference – there are different categories, like Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Best series romance, etc.  There’s also a Golden Heart contest for unpublished manuscripts too, and I know lots of the Golden Heart winners went on to have their manuscripts published, so it’s a cool contest.

So yeah, that was my day?  Yours?

By the way, there was entirely too much football on today.  Seriously.