It feels like its been forever between the release of HARD TO HOLD and TOO HOT TO HOLD, probably because of the holidays, but tomorrow, it’s officially release day.  And I have a feeling time will fly between TOO HOT and HOLD ON TIGHT.  I’m trying to get ready for the whirlwind in between finishing up PROMISES IN THE DARK.  Tomorrow, I’ll give a list of where you’ll find me blogging over the next week or so (it’s up on my events page as well!)

Today, I’ll share this with you – Lea at ClosetWriter wrote a wonderful review for TOO HOT.  I’ll just give you a nice highlight:

“The plot of this story is fast paced and thrilling and I think Ms. Tyler incorporates an interesting paradox into the hot, intense romance that develops between Nick and Kaylee..The climax of “Too Hot To Hold”, is IMHO emotional, suspenseful and edge of seat exciting.”

If I owe you a mailing from a contest you won last week, I promise it’ll go out this week.  I have a stack of printed emails to go through.  I also have a zillion emails to answer, although I’ve already peeked at a lot of the emails from readers, because they always brighten up my day.  I’ll answer them personally, but let me just say for now, thank you for all the wonderful things you say about my books.  You guys rock!