A happy and healthy new year to all!

I’m home and writing tonight.  And pretty much tied to the computer until I’m done with Zane’s book, but we had a yummy dinner of empanadas and spinach and feta cheese filo and brownies!  Appetizers and desserts – the only way to go!  53930378

Of course, now I’m tired from all the food.  However, Lillie’s lovely picture from Twitter perked me up:

She says,  Look who I found hanging around Walmart – He looked lonely, so I had to bring him home.

He looks good, doesn’t he?  All shiny and proud.

So keep an eye out for TOO HOT TO HOLD, cause it might be hitting shelves a little early!  Technically, it won’t ship from Amazon and the like until 1/5, and it won’t be available on eReaders till then either.

Also, please visit me over at RomCon!!!  I’m talking, well, books.