aka, when snuggies go horribly awry.

So Zoo’s co-workers gave him a snuggie for Christmas.  He looks like a cross between a monk and a cult leader.  And then today, the same people gave Gus a snuggie.  A large snuggie.

Large snuggies are not made for large weims.  Never mind the fact that Gus was totally humiliated and would never wear this.  Currently, he’s not speaking to us.GusSnuggie

But dude, look at the floating orbs!  They’re only in that picture…maybe it’s the ghost that lives on my second floor?  No really, he does.  And, at times, he smokes cigars.  Drives me nuts.

Anyway, TOO HOT TO HOLD (aka Nick’s book) is out in 6 days!  Well, five by the time I post this.   And on New Year’s Eve, I’ll be guest blogging over at RomCon, so come on over and say hello!  (I’ll update with a direct link when I have it.)

I have a book due on Jan 4th, btw.  Instead of writing, I’m watching Chip Coffey get pushed down some stairs on Paranormal State.  I blame the snuggies.