The cookies are baked.  And tested, multiple times.  The book?  Not done.  Not nearly done.  So I’m going to steal as much time as I can over the next few days to work – helps that Zoo does the cooking, you know?  I can set up and work until people arrive tonight,IMG_0309 as we have Christmas Eve here.  Christmas Day is also here, but it’s quiet and relaxing and really nice.

Gus agrees, especially because there’s snow for him.

So, Merry Christmas to all!  Thanks to everyone who stops by to say hi or who comes by and simply reads.  Thanks to all my blogger friends and writer friends and readers.  Thanks for all the fantastic emails I’ve been getting in regards to Hard to Hold – when I tell you your email makes my day, I’m not lying.  Reader mail is simply the best stuff there is, and I love knowing that someone’s getting enjoyment from something that I loved creating.