I don’t really have writing superstitions, per se, but I definitely have rituals.  For instance, I write about half my book longhand and half on the computer.  For the longhand part, I use Clairefontaine notebooks, because the paper quality is amazing, and since I like to use more of a marker-like pen, I can write on the front and back of the page without it bleeding through at all.

I go through a notebook every couple of months – and I don’t use a new / separate one for each project.  For instance, the one I’mopennotebook finishing now has some notes about Cam’s book, most of Zane’s book, rewritten scenes for Sydney’s Tempting the Fire and a few Stryker scenes.

If you look through the completed notebooks, you’ll find what my life was about at that time as well.  Phone numbers are scattered at the top or in the margins.  Lily’s surgery dates are often there, as well as word count, quotes I’ve come across that I like, lists of things I needed to do by a certain date.

When I start a new one, I have to pick the color of the cover, even though once I start, I never actual close the thing.  But I have to go with the feeling of where I am – and to me, colors represent mood.

OnotebooksFor instance, I chose red for the new one because I don’t really like the color at all, and I’m having a tough time finishing up my book, and the last time I used a red notebook when I was having a tough time, things worked out well.

Then, I have certain things I put on the first page.  To start, I go with quotes that describe best where I am / what I’m thinking at that particular time.  And then I list what’s happening in my writing life at the time – what book I’ve handed in, what I’m starting, etc.  And I date it, so I know when I started the notebook.

Here’s one of the quotes in my current notebook:

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” – Samuel Johnson

Do you have any rituals for when you start something new?  (This could be non-writing related, of course!)