1.  The extremely talented and generousAnn Aguirre (aka Ava Gray) is having some cool giveaways on her blog this week in honor of Christmas – I’m up there today, so head on over and check it out!

2.  I’ll be chatting tomorrow night over at LIST at 8PM EST – come on over and have some fun! Tyler-1789

3.  The tree is up.  Gus, however, is far too enthralled by the idea of having an actual piece of the outdoors in the house.  He’s like, dude, it’s like having a stick anytime I want – all I need to do is rip it off myself!

Me:  Zoo, Gus is chewing on a piece of the tree!

Zoo:  At least his breath will be evergreen fresh.

4.  Amount of actual Christmas shopping accomplished :  Zero.  Why can’t the tree be enough?! It is for Gus…