Me to Zoo:  Look at this – Hard to Hold in Borders in Texas.  I love Texas.  And Katy for sending the pic.13937_620848317905_7403970_36075883_4514640_n

Zoo:  Very cool

Me:  Why are there still so many of them on the shelf?  Do you think any of them are on front tables?  Do you think anyone’s buying them?

Zoo:  I wouldn’t worry.

Me:  When I was a bookseller and we had that many books, they would be on a front table.

Zoo:  Maybe they are.

Me:  Then why is this not a picture of a front table?



Picture of Hard to Hold spotted by one of Zoo’s friends:

Me:   Look at that – how cool!

Zoo:  Very cool!

Me:  Oh, and I’m next to Lynn Viehl – excellent.  Maybe the books are talking.

Zoo:  Um, sure.

Me:  Why are there still so many books on the shelf?  Do you think there are any on the front tables?  What is going on here?!

Zoo:  I really hope no one sends more pictures.