I think my head is still spinning from yesterday – everyone was so awesome in helping me celebrate Hard to Hold‘s release!  I got several emails already telling me people were up to certain chapters or scenes and loving the book and you don’t understand how much that means to me.  This book was a looooong time coming in a lot of ways and to hear that people are really truly enjoying it makes me so happy.

I’m guest blogging today over at Riding With the Top Down – and I’m giving away the first three of Larissa’s Demonica books to one lucky winner, so head over and comment.

A few more Hard to Hold things – first, here’s the link to the Loves Romances and More blog with the interview I did with Danny (thanks, Danny!.)

Also, Pearl won an ARC of Hard To Hold and she seemed to like it  (YAY!)  Her review is so awesome!  And then Shamaya made me cry with this.

Now, a quick Zoo story – he always goes and buys my books in the store the day of release.  And he’s got a shelf in his office of my books.  (I try to remember this when I see the suitcases in the hallway that have been sitting there for three months now -the ones he’s supposed to bring into the attic.)  Anyway, he asked me to sign his copy, and so signed it the way I always do, although he complains that it’s slightly impersonal:

For Zoo –

All best-

Stephanie Tyler

(It makes me laugh every time, but that’s just me…)