1. I wanted to order this cool pumpkin cake for Halloween, except Zoo told me I was insane (his point?) and besides, no one was coming here for Halloween.  Except now, we’re having lots of friends here for dinner and Williams Sonoma is out of the cake.  Or it was yesterday.  Which was the last day to order to get it in time for Halloween.  Today, back in stock.  Someone somewhere does not want me to have this cake.

2. I was interviewed for Romantic Times Magazine’s Clubhouse Feature in their December issue!  Very cool to be asked.  Zoo likes that the article is about him – he’s thinking of having it framed for his office.

3. Sons of Anarchy tonight!  Someone dies.  *notTignotTignotTig*  Instead, I would like to offer up my character, Zane.  *looks over shoulder at digruntled SEAL* What?  If you’re not going to talk to me, what else do you expect me to do?

Damned pumpkin cake.  Damned SEAL.

*sighs and pours Diet Coke*  It’s going to be a long, cake-less night.