So Zoo comes home the other night and says, I think I really freaked out this woman on the train.

Now, Zoo always has train stories.  A couple of weeks ago he IM’d me to let me know a pregnant woman almost threw up on him. Last week, it was sparks and fire coming out of the heat vent.  So this could be anything.

Me: What did you do?

Zoo:  Well, the woman sitting next to me was reading a romance.  And so I said to her, oh, do you like to read romance and she was kind of like, sometimes.  But I didn’t believe her – I think she thought I would make fun of her.

Me: (thinks that this is going downhill fast)

Zoo: So yeah, so I’m like, oh, my wife writes romance novels.  And I gave her a bookmark.

Me:  That old ratty one you keep reusing in whatever book you’re reading?

Zoo: No, I carry some of your new ones.

Me: Oh.  What did she say?

Zoo: She just kind of took it.  Looked freaked.  Basically, I either made you a sale or lost you a sale.

Me: I don’t know if you should be my promo person.  At least maybe not say that I’m related to you?

Zoo:  Hey, at least I didn’t pass them out a Wake, like your mother did.

Me: You’ve got a point there.