Sydney Croft’s Riding the Storm has a pretty new Japanese edition that arrived at my door early yesterday evening.  

It was such a nice surprise (not that I wasn’t expecting the UPS man because, hi, he’s here daily thanks to Amazon) but I didn’t think this was being published until 2010.

Unleashing the Storm will also be translated – I’m can’t wait to see that cover too!

Sydney also got (I have no idea why I’m speaking of Syd like she’s another person – I like to pretend she is sometimes, though, especially when there’s a lot of writing to be done) a very beautiful brand new cover for TEMPTING THE FIRE which comes out August 2010.  And no, I can’t show you yet.  Soon, very soon, I promise, but it’s probably my favorite of all the covers.  If not, it ties with Seduced by the Storm, which is my hands-down favorite cover.  Or was, until I saw TEMPTING’s cover.

Do you have a favorite Croft cover?