1. It’s SOA night (aka Sons of Anarchy)!!!

2. I’m exhausted.  Like, fall asleep while typing exhausted.  Migraine isn’t helping.  Blog writing might.

3. I love fall.  Beautiful sleeping weather.  And obviously, I need the sleep.

4. I got my first review for HARD TO HOLD from Suspense Romance Writers!!!  YAY!  My favorite part:   “Ms. Tyler has written an amazing story about the will to survive.”

5. I’m working on Zane’s book.  Official title:  PROMISES IN THE DARK.  Love the title.  Would like Zane to talk to me a little more, though.  I’m not above begging.

6. If all goes well, LIE WITH ME (Cam’s book) and PROMISES IN THE DARK will be out back to back in Fall 2010.  As always, this is tentative.  Again, I’m not above begging…

7. Did anyone else catch Mike Tyson on Oprah? It was very hard to watch.  He’s like a man-child with super-strength, which makes him truly frightening to me.

8. 42 more days until HARD TO HOLD is released.  Says so right there on the Sprout.

9. I would like Rachel Zoe to come to pick out my entire wardrobe.  Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll approve of pajamas and sweats, so there could be some conflict.  I’m willing to chance it, though.

10.  Next week (ish), Larissa and I start Sydney Croft book 6 – Stryker’s book.  It’s going to be a busy couple of months.