I am so loving Sons of Anarchy this season!  See, I tend to not watch a show in its first season – I can’t commit until I know it’ll last at least through a full second season, you know?  So I watched the season premiere of season 2 (um, hello – if that doesn’t hook you on the show, nothing will…) and then I bought the season 1 DVD and Zoo and watched it over a week’s time.  It.  Is.  Awesome.

Anyone else watching?  I mean, besides Jaci.  😉

(I have an unnatural attachment to Tig…am I alone here?  Yes?  S’okay because then he’s mine.  When he’s not like, murdering people and stuff.)

Speaking of TV, Zoo is ready to commit me because I’ve been watching the Sex and the City movie over and over whenever it’s on.  It’s not so much that I really like the movie, but…

(you’re going to think I’m weird.  which you probably do anyway, so what the hell…)

I love the way Carrie’s home office looks.  And so I’ll watch the entire movie just for glimpses of it.  Just me?  Probably.  And I’m okay with that.  I also really like the color of her apartment walls.

(stop looking at me like that.  trust me – watch the movie and you’ll want her home office.  and Jennifer Hudson as your assistant)

I feel a Staples order coming on.  Because home office = new office supplies.

I think I need less caffeine today.