Could the title of the post be any longer?  Maybe…  

Anyway, head over to Dear Author and comment for a chance to win some of Bantam and Ballantine’s upcoming releases!  My editor, Shauna Summers, gives you the lowdown on each book to help you choose.  And yes, I’m excited because HARD TO HOLD is up there 🙂  Very cool  – it’s getting close to release day!

But it makes me so proud to be among such good company at Random House!  And speaking of, I have a title for book 4, LIE WITH ME.  It’s perfect for Cam’s book.

In other news, a daddy longlegs tried to kill me last night in my bathroom while I was washing my face.  I’m so serious…it was like, ninja longlegs.  I know there are more lurking, waiting for revenge.  *shudders*