“Dawn: When men of reason go to bed.” – Ambrose Bierce

SJ Day (aka Sylvia Day) had a great post up on Murder She Writes a couple of weeks ago about how changing routines can sometimes screw up a creative process.  I chimed in my agreement, mentioning that for the past year or so, I’d had to change my writing routine.  And how that new routine isn’t working nearly as well as I’d like it to.

Instead of writing late at night, like I used to, I was going to sleep earlier and writing all day.  Or, trying to write, that is.  Because I’ve discovered that I’m not all that great writing in the day, especially during the week.  Weekends are a little better because the house is quieter.  For me, during the day is good for things like working on revisions, reading galleys, doing copy edits, writing blog posts and generally attending to the business end of writing.

But the night?  For me, that’s where the real magic lies.  Give me my music and the laptop and something changes.  Worlds open up.  Words flow.  New words.  New ideas.  New stories.

Worth the lack of sleep?  Yeah.  Plus, since I’m not trying to force daytime writing, it leaves more time for things like…rest 🙂  So a win/win.

I worked all day on revisions.  Got a lot done.  Tonight is for working on the proposal.  I’ve got some great ideas that began to generate as the 9PM hour hit.

I think there are morning people, afternoon people and night people and when you find a time that works for you, trying to change it can be really detrimental to your creativity.  it was to mine and I don’t like to mess around with that stuff.  And while I think it’s always good to try out new things  / add new things to your process, you’ve also got to be willing to bend to the way your creativity rolls.

What about you?  Do you – both writers and non-writers –  have a time of day that you just know you’re more ‘on’ than other times?