I have so much work to do, the only thing that can justify me taking time out to blog is this fantastic post by Teresa Medeiros, titled, Teresa says it loud and says it proud:  I WRITE ROMANCE NOVELS!!!!

Here’s a small tidbit from her post:

People often ask me why I write romance.  I write romance because the ever expanding boundaries of the genre allow me to express my own heartfelt beliefs in optimism, faith, honor, chivalry and the timeless power of love to provoke a happy ending.  In a society gutted by cynicism, we have found the courage to stand up and proclaim that hope isn’t corny, love isn’t an antiquated fantasy, and dreams can come true for women still willing to strive for them.

I have an entire post (okay, a rant) about that stupid, STUPID Washington Post article on RWA from last week, but I’ve restrained from posting it.  I’m just going to remind all of us – romance writers and readers alike – please think before you speak to the media when questioned on romance and stop using words like smut and orgasm and  trashy and the like.  Seriously – just don’t do it.  And if you’re doing a panel and using terms like that, seriously, rethink your content.  Please.

Well, I guess I did have a little more rant left in me after all.