So I’m between the iPhone and the new Palm Pre.  Although Sprint annoyed me, because, even though I’ve been a loyal Sprint customer for 9 years, I have to wait until August 1st to get the Pre at the discount price.  

When I said to Sprint Customer service, so basically, any idiot can walk into the sprint store now and get the discounted price but I have to wait until August 1st, he said, no ma’am, any idiot who isn’t a Sprint customer.


Anyway, Zoo and I went to buy a new mattress and a bed on Sunday – we end up in Sleepy’s trying out all the beds (which, to be honest, always grosses me out because, you know how many other people were also lying on those beds trying them out?)

This connects to the first part of the blog really.  

See, the sales guy had an iPhone.  So I got to try it out and look at it.  And the other sales guy had a Palm Pre, and I got to try it out.  I told them they should sell phones and mattresses, because they were each so knowledgable about the different phones.

Of course, I’m still not sure which one I want.  They’re both pretty cool.  But I adore my new mattress – it’s so comfortable.

I’ve done lots of writing the past few weeks – my editor liked Cam’s book (yay!) and the revisions are very do-able.  Along with the revision, I’m working up a proposal for the connected book and  I’m also revising a Sydney book.  And still, I’ve managed to get in lots of reading over the past few weeks too.  I finally read the first Sookie Stackhouse, Dead Until Dark, because I want to start watching the True Blood series.  And although I’m not a huge first person fan, I really liked the book.  I bought the next books but I’m thinking about not reading them all at once, because I tend to glom and then OD on a series.